Interview with Brian Pounds, The Voice Season 5 Contestant


Austin, Texas’ very own Brian Pounds warmed America’s hearts with his charming voice and charismatic personality during the beginning weeks of The Voice Season Five. Brian is a folk/country singer songwriter and has been playing music since he was just a kid. Unfortunately, making it to the end of The Voice did not happen for him this time, but with his great attitude, undeniable talent, and passion for success, Brian has another path in mind and he’s ready to make it happen. 

-What made you want to audition for The Voice?

“I’ve said before that I’d been a little apprehensive about the show but I had a friend who owns a studio in town ask me if I would be interested. I took a bit to think about it and I said I would love to as long as I didn’t have to stand in line. I gave it my all and just kinda kept going. Before you know it I was surrounded by a group of amazing performers and people.”

-Tell us a little about what the audition process was like.

“There are 3 auditions before you make it onto T.V. and each one of them was pretty nerve racking. You could hear a few people through the walls when they went and they were just amazing! They flew us out to LA a couple of times and I’ve never felt more like a rockstar jet-setting across the country to sing. It was incredible.”

r620-3f8a1cb48ea0adc8b58ffa30fa10b7d4-How long have you been playing music and what made you start playing?

“I started playing when I was around 12. My brother had a guitar and I wanted to learn a few tunes so that when I was invited to parties I could be the guy that played songs and met girls. Unfortunately, I fell in love with the instrument and spent most of high school writing songs and missing out on those parties…”

-Who were some of your musical influences when you first started writing your own music?

“When I was younger I was a big Dave Matthews fan. The one day I was driving with my cousin in Oklahoma when he popped in a CD of a guys named Amos Lee. I’ve bought everything he’s ever came out with since. He really has a great way of encapsulating certain moments and moods to where you feel like you’re there. A couple of years ago I bought Heartbreaker-Ryan Adams on a whim and he’s become my favorite songwriter I’ve ever heard. It’s almost like there’s no filter to his music. He gets a little flack for that but I think it’s genius. It’s real and it’s emotional. It’s broken like music should be. There aren’t very many perfect moments in life. Why do songs always have to be perfect?”

-How did you chose your audition song for The Voice?

“I’ve always been a fan of music that was just under the radar. Ryan Adams and Amos Lee are both huge stars but don’t spend much time on the Top 40 chart. As much as I admire the music of people like Bruno Mars or Train I really wanted something that was the best of both worlds: something I loved and that everyone else would recognize and love just as much as me. I’ve played Wagon Wheel in my set for years and I have a comfortability in that song. Not to mention I think it’s incredibly written.”

-How do you think your time on The Voice will help your music career?

“I’m scared to answer that question because I don’t want to jinx it but I’m hoping that I can grab some friends and build a grassroots career. My dream has always been to be in a car on the road to somewhere playing to people I don’t know but want to meet.”

-How would you describe your style of music to someone that has never heard you before?

“Ha it depends on the day. It’s one of my most unfavorite questions. I love aspects of all music. I’ve been a fan of cosmic cowboy music like Gram Parsons. I love soul. I love folk. I would call it a combination of all those things. Folk/Soul/Country”

-You just posted a video of a song that you and your competitor, Austin Jenckes, wrote in your hotel room. How did that come about?

“I met Austin down by the fire one night sharing songs with a friend of mine. He played one of his tunes. I played one of mine and we instantly became friends. My dream has always been to be a songwriter. Singing is just something I’ve always been able and loved to do. That having been said Austin and I spent at least one part of every day writing songs. I remember when he came with me to the stem of Somewhere, Maybe Carolina and my jaw hit the floor. He asked me if I wanted to help write it and I said of course. Over the course of the week we hashed out the lyrics and it became a really magnificent song. We’re both incredibly proud of it.”

-What can we expect from you in the near future?

“A new album is in the works but I hope I can just keep surprising y’all :).”

Upcoming Shows:

November 2 – Adair’s Saloon – Dallas, TX

November 7 – Main Street Crossing – Tomball, Tx

Audition Video:


Original song written with fellow Voice contestant, Austin Jenckes 


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