Interview with Bad Seed Rising


I recently caught up with Bad Seed Rising in Austin,Tx for a quick interview during the March of Madness Tour.

I first met the band a few years ago in Houston, Tx when they were on tour with Dangerkids. I drove out to Grizzly Hall (a badass venue for shows) early to deal with the notorious Austin traffic. Typically I would enjoy the entire night at the show and due to unforeseen circumstances I would only spend enough time there to hang out with Bad Seed Rising for a few questions. Once I arrived I spotted Francheska by their van along with Mason (Guitar) and Louey (Bass). We grabbed Aiden to go inside the venue to kick off our hang out/ask questions sesh.

How are you all doing today? First time in Austin did you do anything cool?

“We are doing good. A lot of driving. We were six hours away in Louisiana spending our day off there. Previously we performed in Alabama and it was great. First time there too. The crowd was awesome. They go hard.”

Congratulations on the recent Warped Tour announcement. How many times is this now?

“This is our second time. Dos. Segundo Ano.”

Were you all surprised? Did you know of any hints you would be on it again?

“We were definitely surprised when we first found out. We have been so busy with touring and keeping active. Most bands our size don’t get Warped two years in a row. We’re stoked for the summer!”

What was your learning experience with Warped Tour last year which you will incorporate now this year?

“We learned how to hustle. We would go out to pass out flyers and interact with the crowd to come see us. Selling our CD’s. It was our first year doing a festival. It is an all day thing. So we learned how to manage our time, maintain our energy, work together as a band and work with others on the tour. Develop good connections with everyone on tour early on.”

Many of our readers are musicians themselves. Aspiring or professional. They enjoy hearing what other artists are using in terms of gear.

“Louey – I play with two Fender Jazz Deluxe basses. They look identical, one is beat up and has a pick guard. The other one is clean. I play through an Eden head and a Ampeg cabinet.

Mason – I play all PRS. I have a couple Arkon 50’s,SD Custom 24, and a PRS Mira. Shout out to PRS! Dean Markley!

Francheska – Ahhhh I use a….use a microphone haha. I use a short SM-50. You know standard. I don’t know what cable but…(We all proceed to laugh).

Aiden – I play SJC Drums. I’m also endorsed by them. I play Zildjian Cymbals. Endorsed by them also. Wow, just dropping names. Just kidding. Then I play Vater sticks.”

What is some of your favorite food to eat on the road?

“Chipotle! Tacos.In-n-Out. Oh my god so good!  Francheska – There is one place that I love here in Texas. It’s in El Paso. I went there for my birthday one time. My 18th birthday. I don’t remember the name of the place but I have the address saved in my phone as Birthday Chicken.”

What is your playlist like right now?

“Suicide Boys. Neyo. Dance Gavin Dance. Basement. Citizen. Ooooo Balance and Composure. Highly Suspect has been the jam. Ever since they release Mister Asylum it’s been on the playlist. ASAP Rocky. Circa Survive. Prince.”

When was the last time you listened to an album in its entirely? Which artist was it?

“We just did that for Highly Suspect. We did that the other week with them. Last summer our friends Cane Hill dropped their new record. We bought that one and listen to it all the way through. Many times bands will release a few really good songs and the rest is filler. That is something we don’t want to do with any of our music. Everything is so singles driven.”

What do you all do on the road to entertain yourselves between shows”

“We have four movies when we tour on an RV. Old School. Weird Science (Great choice!). Step-Brothers and Talladega Nights. We watch those religiously on repeat. We yell lines from Old School to one another. It’s so funny when we are all watching the movie everybody repeats what happens. It’s a riot.”

Bad Seed Rising has since then wrapped up the March of Madness Tour. They will be embarking on Break into Action tour with Eyes Set to Kill & The Nearly Deads this April into the month of May. Be sure to check them out if you missed them on the March of Madness Tour!

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