Interview with TRAPT Vocalist – Chris Taylor Brown


You may have heard of a little band called TRAPT. With hit songs such as Headstrong, These Walls, and Still Frame, they’re a hard group to miss. TRAPT began before any of the original members ever graduated high school in their hometown of Los Gatos, California.

Their sound consists of a blend of Linkin Park, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, and Papa Roach, living up to their musical influences. TRAPT released their album Reborn in 2013, and has recently announced a self-titled tour with Veer the Union, Righteous Vendetta, and Letters From the Fire. The band has decided to base the tour off one of their first records, bringing back some old school TRAPT. I got to talk to Chris Taylor Brown, lead singer of the group, and converse about the tour, tour life, and ask about a new album in the midst of being written.

Anna Adelman: Have you ever toured with Veer the Union, Righteous Vendetta, or Letters From the Fire before?
Chris Taylor Brown: Yeah, we’ve toured with Righteous Vendetta. Done some shows with Veer the Union. Letters From The Fire, that’s a band that’s from the same hometown as us so we’re just doing what we can to help them out and spread the word about their band.
AA: So you guys like helping out bands that are sort of lesser known to get up there?
CTB: Sure. Yeah. Especially since we know them in person.
AA: Yeah that’s good. What do you look forward to most on tour?
CTB: Seeing the fans and seeing their reactions to our music.
AA: What do you think their reactions will be?
CTB: You know, I think everyone’s going to be singing their hearts out and that’s what we love to see. I’m sure they’re going to be moving their bodies and getting all their stress and all the things they’re going through and channeling it through what we do and hopefully feeling better after the show.

chris taylor brown
AA: I like that answer. So what does your band like to do on days off?
CTB: Check out whatever city we’re in. Check out the food and all the attractions around and just explore town really.
AA: What about while you’re traveling?
CTB: Just chill and watch movies, you know.
AA: What movies do you guys like to watch?
CTB: I don’t know, everything. Not just movies, but shows, you know. Like HBO shows, this and that. Whatever is on, really.
AA: Are you playing any new cities this tour?
CTB: I don’t know. We’ve been touring for 10 years so we’ve hit most cities. I’m not sure if there’s any new ones on this one we haven’t played yet.
AA: Do you have a favorite city?
CTB: New York City is always a fun one.
AA: That’s what I’ve heard. So after forming a band in high school, do you think your sound has matured with the band or do you think it has stayed mostly the same?
CTB: I think that it has matured since what we’ve started with. And we add elements and try to be a better band and it’s 10 years later, so yeah I think the sound has matured a bit.
AA: Do you think the band will continue to mature or do you think the band will go in a complete different direction?
CTB: We’re just going to do whatever comes to us, you know. A lot of it is from what we’re listening to and what is going on in our lives and we’re just going to take that into music we’re playing together.
AA: Do you think the band still has the same initial purpose?
CTB: Yeah. Just playing the best we can and getting the best reaction.

AA: What inspired you to make a tour out of an album that was released over ten years ago? Why now?
CTB: We haven’t played that album as a band in ten years. There are a lot of people that don’t do that.
AA: Why do you think other bands don’t do that?
CTB: I don’t know. I think they’re just trying to move on from that album and try to make things progress from that time. And it’s from stuff that they did that’s gone by now.
AA: What is your least favorite part about touring?
CTB: You know, just not being able to see your friends and family and missing your home town.
AA: What’s your favorite part?
CTB: Just seeing the fans and playing live.
AA: Can you recall one special moment from meeting a fan?
CTB: Yeah there were a few times where we’d meet fans and they would tell us how much we helped them and we would talk about our impact on their lives.
AA: So you’re writing a new album?
CTB: Yeah
AA: Do you think it will be sort of like the most recent one or a step in a different direction?
CTB: I think it will be a mix of sort the last record and something new. You know, we want to keep moving forward and progressing as a band.
AA: Do you have sort of a ball park release date for this?
CTB: Sometime next year.
AA: Do you think that your oldest fans from way back when are still going to appreciate your new album?
CTB: Yeah sure they’ve supported us with everything so far.
AA: Why do you think your song Headstrong got such a great response?
CTB: I don’t know it’s just a good song, you know?
AA: It is. I really like it. What is your favorite song that’s the band has written?
CTB: Um I can’t really choose a favorite. I don’t know there’s just so many. Strength In Numbers is a good one. There’s just a bunch.
AA: What is your favourite TRAPT era?
CTB: Right now it’s during the Someone In Control era. You know just the sound we all created really stood out to me.
AA: One last question, it’s kind of a random one. If you could be any animal for 2 days, what would you be and why?
CTB: Um I think I would be an eagle so I could just fly around.

Having the opportunity to talk to Chris was unbelievable. I learned a lot about touring and band dynamics as a whole. We ended the conversation with the usual thank yous and wishing each other a great day, and I was left to type up my first ever interview.




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