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Even though the elections are over, The Unlikely Candidates are still here to win your vote. Freshly signed to Atlantic Records earlier this month, they are preparing to leave on a multi-city tour and before they took off, I had the chance to sit down with them at this years Fort Worth Music Festival. We all sit down in a small trailer, just after they finished their set on the Rahr stage. Lead singer, Kyle, sips from a large jar of honey, trying to soothe his throat after a long night of fun. “Probably should have been drinking more water than whiskey I suppose,” as he takes a sip.

Me: “So this is your big festival before your tour, which tour are you going on?”

Cole: “It’s not really a tour with anyone really, it’s some states all over the place, man.

Me: “So who are you touring with?

Cole: “We have about five dates with The Silent Film and the rest of it is just us going all over the place.”

Me: “Very nice, and you guys were just signed to Atlantic Records, am I right? What are you most excited about?”

Kyle: (yelling from the background) “Lots of money, fame, fortune, woman and strippers.”

(Laughter breaks out around the trailer)

Me: “Who are the original members of the band?

Cole: “Kyle and I.”

Me: “So how did you come up with the name The Unlikely Candidates? Where did you get your inspiration?”

Kyle: “Well I sat down and wrote out a list of a thousand names and that was the one that didn’t suck. (Chuckling) It’s the truth.”

Me: “Are there any bands that you are excited to see today?”

They all, almost in unison: “The Hanna Barbarians.”

Brett: “They were pretty awesome today.”

Cole: “ZZ Ward, that’s my guilty pleasure.”

Me: “So do you guys have anything special you do before a show?”

Everyone shouts “drinking”, instantly.

Kyle: “My preshow poop of course.”

Me: “Are there any bands that inspire you?”

Kyle: ” There’s a band called The Black Angels that I really like right now. Also digging Foxigen, wanting to give them a shout out, San Francisco, represent.”

Me: “Now I’ve got a fun question for the each of you, you’re on tour and your van crashes into a toxic waste truck. Everyone survives but now you have superpowers, what would they be and what is your superhero name?”

Kyle: “I would be Infinity and I would be able to go to different dimensions in which I would have a different superpower in each one. So Trump card bitches!”

Cole: “I would have x-ray vision so I can see everyone naked, I’d be super pervo man.”

Brent: “I’d want be elastic and stretch every part of my body and be called Dong Lick.”

Kevin: “My power would be to fly and name would be The Birdman.”

Jerod: “I would probably turn into liquid and id be the droplet.”

Me:” Now, what is your spirit animal?”

Cole: “Mine would be a raccoon.”

Kyle: “Cole and me actually did some research into our spirit animals and I’m a tiger, a ferocious beast and he’s a furry little rodent that scurries around in the trash looking for shiny things. ”

Jerod: “I’m a bear because I’m a big harry man. A brown salmon catching bear.”

Kevin: “I’m a salamander.”

Brett: “I’m a koala bear cause I can just eat all day.”

Me: “For people that haven’t seen you live yet, what should they expect about your performance?”

Kyle: “Occasional hedonism, a dash of debauchery, and something they’ll probably never forget.”

Me: “What have you thought of the festival so far today?”

Kyle: “Some great bands, us included, and Rahr Beer is awesome.”

Me: “Now, we have a new member in the band, Jerod Hornbeak From California, am I right?”

Jerod: “From LA but I’m currently living in Portland and now traveling far from home.”

Me: “I understand that you work for a charity organization…”

Jerod: “Yes, a non-profit organization called Music Saves Lives, we encourage people to go out and donate blood and we try to relate it with music. If people donate, for example, they can get backstage passes and meet and greets with the bands at festivals we work with. We have an app called Music Saves Lives or go to our website at “

The Unlikely Candidates 14

If you haven’t had the time to check these guys out you need to! I can’t stress that enough. Their song “Howl” is a real catch and they have a wicked live performance. They work with some awesome people that do some great things. Check out their Facebook or instagram.

Words and Photos by Zach Burns // Quotes from The Unlikely Candidates // Fort Worth Music Fest 2013

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