Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Crash Dallas

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With Sick Puppies headlining the night, Lacuna Coil as direct support, and with Eyes Set to Kill and Cilver opening the night’s festivities it was no doubt going to be a solid night. A very cold but solid night.

It was about 40 degrees outside in Dallas, Texas Saturday night. You ask why this is relevant? Oh, well just because the entire show was played OUTSIDE. Talk about brutal! Every single artist on stage that night took the weather like a champ, even Alexia and Anissa in Eyes Set to Kill in their normal concert attire, which consisted of very short shorts with hosiery. The place was packed front to back from the very start and no one was about to loose their spot that night for a trivial bathroom break.


As the drizzle started to fall, the volume was cranked up and the show officially commenced. All the way from New York City, Cilver was there to gain new fans across the country and show off what they could do. Front woman, Uliana, was the in the spotlight of the night. Cilver is an up and coming band that sounds like they’ve already made it to the top. From the live performance to their album production they shred on all levels. Even with the rain, they managed to finish their set without any disruptions. They just dropped their Debut EP last month and after one listen you’re going to find yourself singing along to every song. 

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Eyes Set To Kill


eyessettokill-1-3The next spotlight was sisters, Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill. There’s no doubt that these two, along with their bandmates Cisko and Caleb, were the heavier of the night. First thing to be noticed during soundcheck was the fact that Alexia’s black Ibanez was just as stunning as her! A woman with good taste in guitars, that is the truth. Even before they started playing, the crowd was screaming and excited for the heavy riffs they knew were coming. As all four of them entered onto the stage, you could feel the energy about to be released. Drummer, Caleb, was ripping apart stage left with his double bass. If the place wasn’t so packed, the fans wouldn’t have thought twice about starting up a pit. The band’s most recent release, Masks, was the most played of the night and is hands down one of their best albums to date.

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Lacuna Coil


Enter the legend: Cristina Scabbia.With an epic as always entrance, a dark set and classic uniforms, Lacuna Coil took the stage by storm. Christina entered the stage in a long and flowing black skirt with Dc Marten style combat boots. It just so happens that the styles Lacuna Coil has chosen for their every day show suited the weather perfectly, as I’m sure they were sweating by the end of the set despite the wind chill.


There is always darkness before you see the light, and with Lacuna Coil’s long time guitarist Cris “Pizza” Migliore and drummer Cristiano “Criz” Mozzati announcing retirement from the group earlier this year came just before the release of Broken Crown Halo. Needless to say, there was more excitement than sorrow. Enter Ryan Folden, Lacuna Coil’s new drummer. I can’t express enough how perfect Ryan fit into the group and what a superb show he puts on behind the kit. Not only is he an amazingly talented drummer, he knows how to interact with the audience as well, which is something very rare for a drummer to be doing.

The year 2014 marks the band’s 20th year together despite name and member changes over the years. The Winter 2014 tour was not only to promote their new album, Broken Crown Halo, but was no doubt taken on to promote the success they have had together since the beginning. Cristina Scabbia as a front woman only makes everything that much sweeter. They only played Nothing Stands in Our Way and Dead & Rise from the new album, but no one was complaining. With just under 10 studio albums, they played some of their greatest hits and fan favorites like Our Truth.

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Sick Puppies

Lacuna Coil-1-2

By the time everyone’s bodies were officially numb (from the cold of course!), the wait was over. The real rock show had begun. With instant attitude and fierce eyes Mark, Shimon, and Emma took the stage and opened the night with Die to Save You. No energy was wasted and no energy was lost throughout the entire show. From the moment Emma wears her bass she is in instant bad ass mode. She wasn’t screwing around in shorts (no offense to those who could take that in this weather) and she came to dominate in her all black eyessettokill-1-7attire. Shimon knew he had the crowd at his fingertips from the first verse, and continued to channel all his energy to those who were packed in the crowd.

Australian accents and all, I have never seen a more energetic three person show. The last spotlight of the night was Emma Anzai on bass. As you can see from the photo above, she doesn’t play around when she’s on stage and just completely kills it. For most of the group’s song, she played slap bass and shook things up with alternating whether she used picks or not. Emma is one of the most diverse rock bassists I’ve seen live with picking and playing styles. She was ALL OVER the stage with her head banging moves and never seemed to miss a backing vocal line, but always right in front of the mic just a split second before.

eyessettokill-1-8Shimon on lead vocals and guitar was pitch perfect on every note right from the start. As his voice rang out you knew that it had to be some sort of gift from above to not hit one flat! But of course, years of practice to perfection. He made many references to the night’s show as a rock show, and I couldn’t begin to explain how true that statement was. There are very few shows that bring a true smile to my face, and this was one of those rare occurrences. Drummer, Mark, was also one to take the audience from behind his kit. The fluidity of Emma and Shimon around the stage always made for something entertaining to watch.

Sick Puppies have been established for just over a decade with both original members, Shimon Moore (vocals/guitar) and Emma Anzai (bass) still heading the band. Mark Goodwin (drums) has been in the band for just as a significant amount of time as the other two but came on after they came to the states in the early 2000’s.


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