Fun: Live at GEXA Energy Pavilion

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Fun live. It was Lollapalooza 2012 on a Saturday. The festival had been evacuated due to some severe thunderstorms sweeping through Chicago. After two hours of waiting at a fellow photographer’s loft just a few blocks away from the festival (thanks Ashley) we got a press release saying that the festival grounds would reopen with Fun being the first band up. 


My shoes were completely soaked and covered in mud and it was about 100 degrees with about a million percent humidity it seemed. I had become a huge fan of Nate Ruess’s former band, The Format, after I saw them open for Dashboard Confessional back in 2004. The Format was one of my favorite bands through high school and I saw them play multiple times, but never to a crowd this big. At one point I remember turning around and seeing just an endless sea of people all singing the lyrics to “We Are Young” and thought to myself “wow, these guys have made it and they deserve every ounce of it.”

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot the world famous band again at GEXA Pavilion in Dallas, TX. Nostalgia set in as they opened with “One Foot”. Vocalist Nate Ruess backed up by band Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost are quite the eye catching trio. There were beautiful colors on the stage and the band kept the hits coming for the die hard fans in the crowd. The intro for “Some Nights” by far was a standout moment for me. There is an enormous amount of bass and passion in that song and the entire arena felt it that night in Dallas.

The band ended their set with a track off their latest album, “Stars”, which was the perfect way to end that summer night in Texas. Fun left the stage from an extremely fulfilling performance that no fan could ever forget. I will always be forever thankful for any chance I get to see a band that makes such an impact in the industry such as Fun.

The Format’s “Interventions and Lullabies” will always be one of my favorite albums but Fun has now earned it’s place in my iPod and in my heart. 

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