EP Review: Pros/Cons – Finding Home


1920537_646172058764484_1917522289_nPros/Cons is a local band from my hometown of Kansas City. Formed in December of 2013, the band quickly put together a fabulous EP titled Finding Home. Members Christian Valencia, Jesse West, Sam Yankee, and Tyler Millsap created an unforgettable first impression in the music industry. With influences such as Fall Out Boy, La Dispute, and Defeater, their sound through this EP sets the bar for both style and creativity for upcoming albums.

The first track on this album is called Nightmares on 65th. It opens up with just a little bit of guitar instrumentals and soon adds in a handful of half sung, half said, and half screamed words, and a small drum beat to result in something resembling La Dispute. The song depicts a graphic image of shooting a girl and hoping whatever strange feeling the person got was regret. While sort of a violent song, it still holds onto that dream-like sort of feeling.

When listening to the track that shares the EP title, Finding Home, it is clear from the start that it’s a much more intense and all around hard song. It has several layers, making the song sort of mind numbingly complicated. At the end of the song, you hear “I know it seems like I’m giving up, but in reality I’m moving on.” Those words seem to sum up the whole EP. It has an eerie yet melodic feel to it, and when you’re able to put two opposites like that together, I think that shows true potential in an artist.

The EP closes with Chemicals. This track is one of the few on the record that has clean vocals in the middle of the song. That doesn’t necessarily make it better than the rest, but this makes it different and in the music industry, different is good. It also has a chorus of other voices at the end saying “I’m not sure if I changed for better or worse”. I would say anyone that could make an EP like this in under six months could never have changed for worse.

Finding Home  by Pros/Cons should definitely be at the top of your list of albums to buy in 2014. My only criticism would be to lengthen the songs just a tad bit more. Longer songs equals happier people. Putting that detail aside, I am really impressed with the EP. It shows that not only the band has potential, but Kansas City does, too. If I were you, I would go purchase Finding Home from their bandcamp page.

I rate this EP 9.4/10.

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