EP Review: Love Brooklyn’s All Or Nothing


ALL-OR-NOTHINGLove Brooklyn is a four piece pop-punk group from Corinth, Mississippi. Their influences are anything but subtle, with such bands as All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, and Cartel, it is hard to question the sound. While Love Brooklyn may be too pop based for some, I found them to be the perfect catalyst to a music scene where bands are constantly trying to become more hard rock.

Their debut EP, All Or Nothing is anything but disappointing. Their two hit singles, Where We Stand and Alone, have been the soundtrack to my summer. They have fantastic lyrics such as the simple “when it all comes down to where we stand, I’ll be right here with all these words inside my head” from the chorus of Where We Stand, and all their tracks come complete with a catchy beat and a tune built to hum along to all day.

My personal favorite on the EP is All The Way. It’s not quite slow, but much more calming to hear. From the soft, careful beginning, to the heart stabbing words, it is a fabulous song to listen to after fighting with someone you love. Love Brooklyn really out-shined themselves on this one.

A close second would be one of their singles, Alone.Alone takes a new stance on break ups, and it is very refreshing. It’s about realizing that you still have feelings for a past relationship and that you don’t want to hurt anyone else with that, but you’re okay with being alone. It gives you a comfortable place, and time to think. This song turns the saying “I’m better off alone” into something very positive and hopeful.

Love Brooklyn’s debut EP, All Or Nothing, will make you question why this group isn’t at the top of Billboard 200 already. I feel like even once winter hits, Love Brooklyn will make you feel like summer. Pick up or download (legally, please) All Or Nothing on iTunes beginning August 5A. It is a 10/10. Looks like I have a new favorite band!


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