Emery: The Study of Politics


Timeless. The perfect word to describe the emotional power house that is well known as Emery. The night I got to shoot Emery I wondered if I was ready for the onslaught of feelings that would come with it all. The venue was Tomcats West. It’s a dark place, filled with welcoming smiles and the warm sounds of low voices flowing through the smoke. Tomcats was packed with a multitude of people from all walks of life, all unaware of the emotional journey that Emery had in store for them. You could see most of them gathered at the bar to wash away their sins and sorrows with holy water.

Emery took the stage by breaking the silence with “Studying Politics.” Emery’s front man, Toby Morrell, is one who knows of pain, in and out, and he has the mastery to guide his listeners and help them fight through all the sorrow and suffering. The goal of Emery is to let loose of your losses in life. After the opening song Emery took off will full god-like power and tore through the set with relentless energy. I am surprised anyone had time to catch their breath. Just hit after hit, the floor was covered in triumph and tears as people pilled upon people towards the stage. Then Emery played “So Cold I Could See My Breath” the crowd went wild with their screams that were heard by surrounding businesses.



For an entire moment I was lost. Disconnected from everything that was going on in my life. At that moment I was suspended in time. That was quickly brought to an end when my feet where trampled on and my body took more blows than I could count. My legs and arms where sore from having to stabilize myself while trying to take photos and protect my gear. What was cool is that none of that mattered. We were strangers all crammed in a tight space but we were all connecting. In those darkened corners we understood one another. Emery extended their hands to us and nothing could escape their healing harmony.  Every soul in that sizable station released their agony, it was the ultimate cleansing.

So if you are ever in a town that Emery happens to be playing you should go check them out! I promise you that you are in for one wild ride and emotional roller coaster of feelings. Hands down Emery is amazing live.

[       P H O T O    G A L L E R Y      ]

Photographs taken at Tomcats West on November 10th of 2014 – Emery

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