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LA based rock band The Eeries recently played a sold-out show at the iconic venue, The Troubadour, before they embarked as direct support on tour for Gerard Way. 

The Eeries are a melting pot, made up of talent from SoCal, Scotland, Chicago and Italy. Their music is straight up rock n roll with hints of grunge and punk influences. You’ve probably heard their single “Cool Kid” on your local rock station, which is the first single off their debut album – scheduled to release in early 2015.

The Troubadour show was full of a mixture of fans and industry professionals wanting to check out one of the most hyped about bands in LA. Since KROQ picked up “Cool Kid,” it’s been difficult to scour the internet for more information on this mysterious band in hopes to find more music. Thanks to the KROQ Acoustic Video Series, I recognized 3 songs – “Shine On,” “Loser,” and obviously “Cool Kid.”

The Eeries were formed by vocalist-guitarist Isaiah Silva nearly two years ago with guitarist Brandon Sweeney, drummer Nadir Maraschin and bassist Eliot Lorango – each one of them season musicians. “We’ve all had our own bands and worked our asses off touring and sleeping on hardwood floors for 120 days of the year in a shitty van,” says Silva. “We’ve all done session work for other bands. We’ve all been hired guns. Each one of us has done it all. That’s how I knew they there were the right guys. They have all cut their teeth. We’ve all lived it.”

Check out The Eeries on tour now with Gerard Way.


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