Coheed and Cambria: Live in Seattle


Slipping through the masses of sweaty bodies crammed into the Showbox, was a tough job for all 5 feet 5 inches of me, but I couldn’t have been happier to cover this show! Thursday marked the first evening of Coheed and Cambria’s North American tour, bringing out old school emo rockers Saves the Day and outstanding progressive metal instrumental band; Polyphia. The tour package represented 3 very different types of music, but all meshed well as a whole, possibly intriguing fans whom may have come for a specific band, and left with a new respect for someone else on the bill. The bands set mainly consisted of newer releases off their 2015 release titled “The Color Before The Sun”, with a single or two off some of their other seven studio records! Frontman Claudio Sanchez commanded all attention as he stepped onto the stage, opening with beautiful acoustic ballad “Ghost”.


From there, the pace became quicker, as drummer Josh Eppard, guitarist Travis Stever and bassist Zachary Cooper presented themselves onstage for the first time this evening. Lights red, green and yellow reflected themselves over the faces of the crowd, some nearly weeping in the front row presence of their favorite band, while VIP lanyards clung to their necks. Tearing through the set, the band played popular fan favorites such as “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth”, “Blood Red Summer”, “A Favor House Atlantic” and many more. They seemed to barely breathe between songs, but the crowd kept them going, with crowdsurfers trying at every attempt to touch the band members hands, and circle pits going relentlessly throughout the night. Security had a tougher job than expected, but handled the evenings chaos with utmost professionalism, something all the bands thanked them for.


By what seemed like the end of the set, the packed crowd seemed to dissipate, while some stood their ground, beginning to chant “Coheed” over and over again. When their demand of more songs became a reality, the band took the stage once more, performing “You Got Spirit, Kid” followed by possibly the best Nirvana cover I’ve had the pleasure of seeing at the Showbox Sodo. Sanchez’ voice transformed into one of a punk rock genius while he belted out the lyrics to “Drain Me” ; fans eyes twinkling in awe of his vocal range, as well as his mane of thick curly locks. Waving their goodbyes to the crowd, the band left the stage for the final time that night, as the crowd’s applause lasted for what seemed like forever. Merch lines were larger than life, in hopes of fans getting the chance to have their new album or t-shirt grazed with a metallic sharpie marker, before the doors of the Showbox Sodo closed for the night.

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