Behind the Scenes


Highly Suspect: Tour Diary 2

I don’t know what it is about the Dakotas, but I have woken up butt ass naked in the van the past two mornings. Maybe I do know what it is… Regardless, I’m not complaining. Not..

Highly Suspect: Tour Diary 1

It’s 11:43 P.M. in Sioux City, Iowa.  There are a group of  14-15 year old girls sitting at a table diagonally across from us in a Perkins 24 hour family restaurant, stealing curious and powerfully hormonal glances at the..

Ezra Haynes of Allegaeon

I was able to sit and chat briefly with Ezra Haynes, vocalist for Allegaeon, just before the quick U.S. run they embarked on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a very interesting conversation. He filled me in..

Interview with New Politics

Even though the weather in Dallas was extremely sketchy on Thursday night (December 5th), Alyssa and I were fortunate enough to make it out to Grand Prairie for 102.1 The Edge’s annual winter show called..

SXSW Interview: Winslow

Rookies to the SXSW scene, Winslow is a band that was ready to experience the best aspects of the festival.  Taking on the most interesting elements of genres such as soul, pop, rock and even..