Blacklist Royals: Tour Diary 1

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Day One: After spending the early part of our day running through airports to make all of our connections we finally regrouped with the rest of the band in DC and boarded our flight for Frankfurt, prepping ourselves for the final leg of 17 hours in transit with sleeping pills and cocktails. We arrived in Germany jet lagged but in good spirits to begin what (in my experience) is the unavoidable “phase two” of any European tour – sitting for hours with an unmanageable amount of equipment and luggage, spending too much money on coffee, and getting shitty looks from fellow travelers while we wait to be picked up. Finally Christian arrived (our tour manager, translator, good friend, and all around bad mother fucker) and we were off into the wild world of Germany.

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We spent that evening eating schnitzel and drinking beers, digging on the general familiar/unfamiliarness which has always defined Europe for me. The next day we picked up our gear and headed to Hamburg for the first show of the tour, we got to the club late and were notified that not only were presales low but also that our merch had been held in customs… not exactly how we’d wanted to kick things off. However, when we took the stage it was to a completely packed house and we finished the night off with some sightseeing and a few absinthes at the Cobra Bar (a good spot though I was disappointed in the lack of hallucinations), thanks for the memories Hamburg.

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We spent the next day on the road, played a set at the Blue Shell in Cologne, watched some people awkwardly dance to old Tom Waits songs that weren’t meant to be danced to, then got right back in van and began our drive to Munich (which we are in route to as I write this). Our strings need changed, our phones need charged, and the van has started to smell… tour has officially begun.



– Nat

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