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Beautiful Bodies Exclusive Interview

The first rule to conducting interviews via a cell phone: double, even triple, check that there is more than enough storage. After learning this the hard way, Thomas of Beautiful Bodies was incredibly kind in..

Interview with Dear You

Have you ever talked to someone without expecting much but they turn out to be very surprising? That perfectly describes my experience talking with Louis Moore, drummer of Dear You. You can just tell from..

Interview With Teen Rocker – DIAMANTE

At the age of just 18, most couldn’t even begin to imagine the reality of being a rock star climbing the music scene. But singer/ songwriter, and rocker Diamante knows how to put things in..

EP Review: Pros/Cons – Finding Home

Pros/Cons is a local band from my hometown of Kansas City. Formed in December of 2013, the band quickly put together a fabulous EP titled Finding Home. Members Christian Valencia, Jesse West, Sam Yankee, and..